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WorldWaterfalls.com | Waterfall Types Cascade, Cataract, Sheet, Curtain, Plunge, Punchbowl, Chute, Fan, Horsetail, Ledge, Block

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What is a Waterfall?

Simply put, a waterfall is a watercourse (stream, river, creek) that drops vertically, in other words, it flows over the edge of a cliff or down a slope. Waterfall lovers from around the world argue about what makes a waterfall. For WorldWaterfalls.com, we have decided that a drop of at least 3 metres (approximately 10 feet) or a slope of at least 30 degrees creates a waterfall. Realistically it is up to the eye of the waterfall lover. For example, we have gotten up close and personal with tiny waterfalls and created great images of them. A waterfall can exist in the heart and mind of the individual.

Types of waterfalls are based on how the water falls or passes through it's course, how much water is flowing, the surface beneath it and the geological processes that created it (geomorphology). These all together form a waterfall's unique shape, it's fingerprint so to speak.


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Waterfall Type
Waterfall Types & Structures
Example Images & Waterfalls
Combination Waterfall - Paulina-Creek-Falls--Oregon--USAegon
Paulina Creek Falls
Many waterfalls are a combination of more than one type of falls. At Paulina Creek Falls, you will find curtain, slide, segmented, and scree / talus.
Combination Waterfall Images

Paulina Creek Falls
Cascade Waterfall - Rocky-Run-Falls--Washington--USAshington
Rocky Run Falls
Cascade is a commonly used term when referring to waterfalls and rightly so. The term "cascade" comes from the Italian word "cascada" which actually means "waterfall". A cascade type waterfall is defined by the surface beneath it. It is one of the most common as the surface beneath it is irregular and encompasses the falls not classified elsewhere. It is generally water that flows down in small steps or stages. Multi-cascading
Cascade Waterfall Images

Rocky Run Falls
Cataract Waterfall - Snoqualmie-Falls--Washington--USAshington
Snoqualmie Falls
Another word for waterfall but usually one that is large, very powerful and rushes down with force.
Cataract Waterfall Images

Snoqualmie Falls
A geological formation that influences shape of waterfall. It is a cliff that is relatively flat with some width at the top and is vertical or almost vertical. Angel Falls and Niagara Falls are great examples of a ledge. The following shapes / types often result from a ledge.
Block / Sheet
Block / Sheet Waterfall - Chase Creek Falls British Columbia
Chase Creek Falls
Water from a wide river or stream drops over a ledge forming what appears to be a "sheet" of water. Ideally, it is not broken into segments at high water and it is observably wider than tall.
Block / Sheet Waterfall Images

Chase Creek Falls
Similar to Block, water drops over a ledge but is close to equal in width and height.
Curtain Waterfall - Ammonite Falls British Columbia
Ammonite Falls
Similar to Block and Classical, water drops over a ledge but is taller than wide but not a Ribbon.
Curtain Waterfall Images

Ammonite Falls
Overhanging Ledge
Another geological formation that influences shape of waterfall. It is a cliff that the water has eroded under it causing an obvious overhang resulting in the water free falling to the surface below.
Plunge / Vertical
Plunge / Vertical Waterfall - Roaring-Creek-Falls--Washington--USAshington
Roaring Creek Falls
Water descends vertically without contact with the surface.
Plunge / Vertical Waterfall Images

Roaring Creek Falls
Punchbowl Waterfall - Punchbowl Falls Alberta
Punchbowl Falls
Water falls through a constricted area and descends down into a pool of water. The water "punches" through and falls into a "bowl".
Punchbowl Waterfall Images

Punchbowl Falls
The following have unique features where the water
does not fall over ledges like the ones described above.
Chute Waterfall - Panther Falls Upper Alberta
Panther Falls
A violent section of water that is forced through a narrow passage due to cliff walls or large rocks. Depending on the descent angle, they may be classified as rapids not a waterfall. Very common in canyons where the water is wall-to-wall.
Chute Waterfall Images

Panther Falls
Fan Waterfall - Hardy Falls British Columbia
Hardy Falls
Water falls through a relatively narrow crest and spreads out and becomes wider as it descends.
Fan Waterfall Images

Hardy Falls
Horsetail Waterfall - Tulip Creek Falls British Columbia
Tulip Creek Falls
Water descends down remaining in contact with the surface most of the time.
Horsetail Waterfall Images

Tulip Creek Falls
Parallel / Twin
Parallel / Twin Waterfall - Naramata Falls British Columbia
Naramata Falls
Parallel falls happen when falls are side-by-side and fall similar to each other. There can be two or more falls and can be from the same watercourse (also see Segmented falls) or from more than one watercourse. Twin falls are also side-by-side but do not have to be similar in type. Triple and more falls exist as well.
Parallel / Twin Waterfall Images

Naramata Falls
Ribbon Waterfall - Bridal Veil Falls Alberta
Water descends in a narrow strip significantly taller than it is wide.
Ribbon Waterfall Images

Scree / Talus
Scree / Talus Waterfall - Lyle Creek Falls British Columbia
Lyle Creek Falls
Water flowing over a chaotic mix of rock debris on a slope usually found at the base of a cliff or steep incline. Scree is usually the rocks that are smaller than a softball and talus is larger than a softball. Some people do not consider these to be waterfalls however if the slope is at least 30 degrees then it fits our criteria.
Scree / Talus Waterfall Images

Lyle Creek Falls
Segmented Waterfall - Rocky-Creek-Falls--Oregon--USAegon
Rocky Creek Falls
Pieces of land segment the river (same watercourse) causing the water to fall in sections. Not to be mistaken with different watercourses forming different waterfalls side-by-side as in Parallel / Twin falls.
Segmented Waterfall Images

Rocky Creek Falls
Slide Waterfall - Shannon Falls British Columbia
Shannon Falls
Water glides over a single slab of rock maintaining smooth continuous contact.
Slide Waterfall Images

Shannon Falls
Slot / Keyhole
Slot / Keyhole Waterfall - Spahats Creek Falls British Columbia
Spahats Creek Falls
Water pushes through a narrow area before falling. A keyhole is a special slot as it has a rounded part at the bottom of the slot resembling the old fashioned keyholes. Some times the water has forced (eroded) out a part of the rock causing an actual hole water falls from.
Slot / Keyhole Waterfall Images

Spahats Creek Falls
Tiered / Staircase / Multi-Stepped
Tiered / Multi-Stepped Waterfall - Tangle Creek Falls Alberta
Tangle Creek Falls
Separate waterfalls falling consecutively and in close proximity so generally they can be seen together. Any type of falls can be tiered.
Tiered / Multi-Stepped Waterfall Images

Tangle Creek Falls
Veil Waterfall - Bridal Veil Falls British Columbia
Water falls over rocks (usually large rocks) creating a thin layer of water that just barely covers it's surface.
Veil Waterfall Images

The following are special waterfalls that are in a class of their own.
Frozen Waterfall - Hardy Falls British Columbia
Hardy Falls
These falls can be of any other type and it must have ice as a part of the falls. They are spectacular as the ice formations are just as unique as the falls themselves. If the temperature is just right, punchbowl falls will often form a cone in the bowl of water.
Frozen Waterfall Images

Hardy Falls
Dry / Historic
Dry Waterfall - Dry-Falls--Washington--USAshington
This type of falls no longer exists with water flowing over it. It is referenced here as some of these historical falls were very magnificent in their time. Dry Falls in Washington is one of these type and in it's day it was over 3 miles wide and had a huge flow of water, the unique thing about this falls was that it only flowed when the glacier lifted up to release the water.
Dry / Historic Waterfall Images


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